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Have a Happy 4th of July 2014

4th 2014

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Buy a Home or Rent? A Calculator to Help You Decide


The choice between buying a home and renting one is among the biggest financial decisions that many adults make. But the costs of buying are more varied and complicated than for renting, making it hard to tell which is a better deal. To help you answer this question, our calculator takes the most important costs associated with buying a house and computes the equivalent monthly rent.

Buy vs. Rent Calculator 

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Sommerlyn Wine Tasting Event!

SOM - Wine Tasting - AVA-sm

Sommerlyn Associates Real Estate invites you to a WINE TASTING EVENT to celebrate our expansion into our new 6000 sq. ft. 5th Avenue office and express gratitude to our real estate partners.

Come and enjoy panoramic rooftop views of the Hudson River
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5PM – 7PM


AVA Lounge

210 West 55th Street, Penthouse
Please R.S.V.P to

Complimentary Wine, Champagne & Hors d’oeuvres

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To Divide the Rent, Start With a Triangle

Last year, two friends and I moved into a small three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. We chose it for its relatively reasonable price — around $3,000 a month — and its convenient location. Just finding it was a challenge, but then we faced another one: deciding who would get each bedroom.

The bedrooms were different sizes, ranging from small to very small. Two faced north toward the street and had light; the third and smallest faced an alley. The largest had two windows; the midsize room opened onto the fire escape.

Every month, unrelated people move into apartments together to save on rent. Many decide to simply divide the rent evenly, or to base it on bedrooms’ square footage or perhaps even on each resident’s income.

But as it turns out, a field of academics is dedicated to stu...

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Where to Live in 2014

Everyone wants to spot the next Soho or Park Slope. Ten real-estate experts offer their nominees.


The West 150s
Chosen by: Julia Vitullo-Martin, director of the Center for Urban Innovation at the Regional Plan Association.
Vitullo-Martin suggests investing in neighborhoods “with original housing stock built for the wealthy,” like Washington Heightswhere the prices of spacious prewars have dipped in the past year. Unlike many up-and-coming outer-borough areas, this part of town has superb subway access, and retail shopping, though not fancy, is “diverse and active.”

West Harlem
Chosen by: Pam Liebman, president and CEO, the Corcoran Group.
It’s “a true New York neighborhood,” says Liebman, adding that it’s near three parks and has great transit...

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Infographic: What 1% Will Save You on Your Mortgage

If you are shopping for a new home, it’s equally important to shop around for the best mortgage rate, too. Rates can vary greatly between lenders and even seemingly small differences can end up saving – or costing you — a lot of money over time. Explore your options by comparing personalized mortgage rates to ensure you’re getting the right loan.

“Although the difference in monthly payment between a 4.5 percent interest rate and a 5.5 percent interest is not dramatic, your savings in interest paid over the life of the loan is significant,” said Erin Lantz, director of Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. “Mortgage rates will likely rise to 5 percent by the end of 2014 due to an improving economy and policy changes by the Federal Reserve...

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Top Neighborhoods in Manhattan

TOP ny

You’re moving to New York. You want to live on the famous island–Manhattan island. You’ve heard horror stories about crazy rents and apartments that have no closets–apartments the size of closets. Where’s the best place for you?

Despite its relatively small size, Manhattan is a diverse place with neighborhoods as different from each other as apples to oranges. Bottom line: there’s a little something for everyone.


Let’s start at the top: the tippy-top. Manhattan’s streets are numbered from the 210’s down to the single digits, and south of that the streets have names. At the top of the island is the neighborhood of Linwood, a section of the city that stretches from the upper 210’s down through the 190’s...

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Sommerlyn Associates champagne reception!

champagne @ monarch

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5PM – 7Pm


Monarch Rooftop Lounge

71 W 35th Street – 18th Floor Penthouse

Please R.S.V.P 

Click here to R.S.V.P

Complimentary Champagne, Wine & Hors d’oeuvres


Look forward to seeing you!

Your friendly neighborhood Real Estate Brokerage.

71 W 35th Street – 18th Floor Penthouse

Boasting an impressively expansive interior & exterior the Scandinavian-chic décor, designed by Natalia Todorova of Gwathmey, Seigal, Kaufman Architects, features an indoor lounge that radiates glamour and allures with seductive appeal, seamlessly connecting to the exterior oasis patio with sliding floor to ceiling glass doors...

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Quiz: What Type of Apartment Is Right for You?

image (1)

There are many options to consider when looking for a place to live. What kind of lifestyle do you desire? Do you want on-site amenities like a gym and underground parking? Do you prefer an urban setting or somewhere quieter? Take this quiz to find your perfect housing match.

1. How do you feel about neighbors?

A: The more, the merrier!

B: One or two are OK.

C: I prefer not to share my walls or ceilings.

2. What kind of amenities do you require?

A: The works! Doorman, gym, covered parking, and maybe a rooftop pool.

B: Just the basics – shared laundry, a place to park nearby, and a dishwasher and air conditioning would be nice.

C: A driveway and garage for my car, my own laundry and maybe a basement for storage.

3. What is your ideal neighborhood?

A: I want to be in the middle of al...

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Kitchen Counters copy

Q. I’m redoing my kitchen and trying to figure out the best material for the countertops. I like the look of granite, marble, Caesarstone, Silestone, soapstone and concrete. What are the pros and cons of each based on heat, stains, price and the time it’ll take to finish the project?

A. The countertop is a crucial decision in a kitchen–it’s the surface that you interact with the most, it’ll get the most use (and abuse) of any surface in the house, and it’s the visual touchstone of your kitchen. Here’s a rundown of each option you’re considering.

Prices for these six materials fall within the following ranges:

  •  Granite: $200/square foot
  • Marble/caesarstone/silestone: $175/square foot
  • Soapstone: $200/square foot
  • Concrete: $300/square foot, starting at a minimum of $10,000 ...
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