Quiz: What Type of Apartment Is Right for You?

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There are many options to consider when looking for a place to live. What kind of lifestyle do you desire? Do you want on-site amenities like a gym and underground parking? Do you prefer an urban setting or somewhere quieter? Take this quiz to find your perfect housing match.

1. How do you feel about neighbors?

A: The more, the merrier!

B: One or two are OK.

C: I prefer not to share my walls or ceilings.

2. What kind of amenities do you require?

A: The works! Doorman, gym, covered parking, and maybe a rooftop pool.

B: Just the basics – shared laundry, a place to park nearby, and a dishwasher and air conditioning would be nice.

C: A driveway and garage for my car, my own laundry and maybe a basement for storage.

3. What is your ideal neighborhood?

A: I want to be in the middle of all the action.

B: I like to have restaurants and bars nearby, but not close enough to keep me up at night.

C: I’m fine having to drive to get my groceries and go shopping.

4. What is your lifestyle?

A: I like to go out and throw parties for my friends at my place.

B: I enjoy going out to dinner and hanging out with friends, but also having somewhere quiet to come home to.

C: I prefer spending time with my loved ones at home and don’t need to go out every weekend.

5. Are you afraid of heights?

A: No way! The views only get better the higher you go.

B: Not really, but I’m not one to look over the edge when I’m on a rooftop.

C: Yes, keep me as close to the ground as possible.

6. Do you have pets?

A: Nope, just some plants and maybe I’ll get a fish at some point.

B: Yes, a cat or a small dog.

C: Yes, a big dog that likes to bark and needs a lot of exercise.


Mostly As: High-rise living is the life for you. Living in a full-amenity building often means you’re close to the action and will have a cool place to show off to all of your friends. It’s also nice to have many conveniences right in your building, like a gym, a parking spot, and indoor and outdoor common areas. These types of buildings may also have more rules about things like pets, quiet hours and use of common spaces, so be sure to respect your neighbors by following the guidelines.

Mostly Bs: You may like a midsize building, duplex or three-flat, which can have anywhere from two to eight or more units. These types of buildings often have shared laundry facilities and maybe a shared courtyard or small outdoor space. You may be able to find one with dedicated parking spots, otherwise parking on the street may be the only option. They may also have more flexibility in terms of pets, but each building is different, so make sure to check with the landlord.

Mostly Cs: A single-family house is the way to go. This option offers the most privacy and often the most flexibility with pets. You also get a lot more space, and may even have your own yard, garage, as well as laundry and a basement. You’re not going to find one of these in New York City or Chicago, but smaller cities and suburbs often have houses available for rent.

from: apartments.com